Tree Cover in India
(Responsive, but better viewed on desktop on a modern browser)

Thanks for coming by! The raw data for this visualization is taken from the Government of India Open Government Data (OGD) website. The tree cover is estimated biennially and hence you see data from 2009, 2011 and 2013. There is no data after 2013. You can click the buttons below to see the statewise area under tree cover. The numbers beneath the state or union territory short name indicate the area in sq. km.

I used a bunch of tools and techniques to make this viz. CSS flexbox, GeoJSON parsers, online color palettes etc. (did you spot that pun?) and I will be blogging soon about the process I followed. It was an amazing learning experience for me! In future, this could possibly have a gradient map and percentage values. I hope to take on some increasingly complex data visualizations in the future!

Year 2009
Year 2011
Year 2013