Over the last many years I’ve worked on a diverse set of Data Science problems and have gained a broad perspective of what ML and AI can do for businesses. I gain tremendous joy experimenting with methods (optimization, forecasting, anomaly detection, natural language processing, machine learning, statistics, survey design) to build practical applications that help business functions (labor process optimization, driver scheduling, content moderation, customer experience monitoring, developer outreach, marketing). I’ve taken several models from experiment to production in practical industry environments.


The guitar has been a constant companion of mine. I also picked up drums recently. My goal as a hobby musician is to write at least one good song and maybe perform a few open mics. I document my music journey on @stringisking.


I’ve run a Full Marathon (sub-4 hour) and 3 Half Marathons (PB 1:48). Running has been a nice meditative activity! I don’t know if I’ll get faster with age but it’s always worth a shot, isn’t it? :)