Assorted Web Projects

Here are a few web design projects from the past with demo and code.

Your Life in Weeks

live demo

The idea is simple. Enter your date of birth. Assume 80 years of life. Show me a grid of weeks I’ve lived already and how many are left. Built with Paper.js. The idea was inspired by a Wait But Why article. Full code on GitHub

Life in Weeks

Responsive To Do App

live demo

I built this for a web dev interview. The idea was to build a responsive and interactive web application with a supremely creative name. Note the transitions and persistence on page refresh. Code on GitHub

Todo app

Chaos Machine

live demo


An interview challenge. Create boxes with a click of a button. Another button to move them around. A text box, if it has text should have it in the middle of the created box. Boxes bounce off at random speeds off the edge of the browser. Boxes can be controlled with the mouse. Enough said. Code is on GitHub