Gaurav Gada

About me

Hi! Welcome to my little space in the internet. I'm an Information Management Master's student specializing in Data Science and Business Intelligence at the University of Washington.

I am interested in robust data infrastructure, data analytics, web development, communicating data through visualizations, and having design considerations at the forefront rather than at at end, especially in the context of information systems.

I am fluent in Python, JavaScript, R, SQL, MapReduce.

I have had 4 years of experience in database development and some part of it was in banking operations. Working on both sides on the organization helped me see the role of data right from creation to consumption and I believe these skills would help me liaise between business and technology and help organizations design for end-to-end goals.


Data Visualization

Choropleth /w D3.js - code
Rendering /w Paper.js - code
GeoJSON /w D3.js - code
Crime Analysis: Seattle vs SF /w R, leaflet - Rmd code

Front-End Web DEV

I love the internet. Minified CSS? Responsive design? Perfect div alignments? Automated build/deploy? You get the idea. These are some my web dev projects. Hover to see responsive design, click code to go to the GitHub repository.

Twitch API search /w Ember.js - code
iWorld Website Engineering + Redesign: old vs new
Motion /w vanilla JS - code
Todo app - code


I am also interested in user focused product design, so I look a UX class in Winter 2017. I was introduced to the works of Dan Norman, Jacob Nielson and Edward Tufte among others. I explored UX skills and concepts like contextual inquiry, affinity diagrams, human, task and activity centered design, heuristic evaluation, personas, scenarios, user-testing and value sensitive design. This is a selected portfolio of my UX work.

4 squares design problem - report
Observing cellphone use in public - report
Designing a mobile experience for Susan G. Komen through rapid paper prototyping - report


I've been taking a few massive open online courses out of interest and to bolster by school education. Here's a list of all the MOOCs I have completed.

Data Manipulation at Scale: Systems and Algorithms - certificate
Practical Predictive Analytics: Models and Methods - certificate
Communicating Data Science Results - certificate